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In his speech before a joint session of Congress, in Washington on July 19, 2023, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said, “Palestinian terror against Israel or Israelis undermines any possibility for a future of peace between our peoples.... Terror is not a bump in the road. Terror is hatred and bloodshed. It contradicts humanity’s most basic principles of peace.… The younger generation of Israelis and Palestinians deserve better. They are all worthy of a future to look towards, a future of peace and prosperity. A future of hope.” 

The Initiative for Palestinian Authority Accountability and Reform (IPAAR) will strive to influence decision-makers in both Israel and the international community to hold the Palestinian Authority to account for its continuous, systematic, and fundamental breaches of the internationally witnessed and guaranteed Oslo Accords. 

IPAAR will focus on both the Palestinian Authority’s malfeasance towards Israel and Jews, including, inter alia, terror promotion, antisemitism, “Apartheid” propaganda, and international lawfare against the State of Israel, on the one hand, and the widespread corruption and abuse of human rights of the Palestinians by the Palestinian Authority, on the other.

IPAAR will provide an extensive database of information regarding the practices and policies of the Palestinian Authority that undermine the goal of achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians and advocate that both the Israeli and foreign governments hold the PA accountable for these actions.

IPAAR will also provide a critical research-based analysis of the steps needed to reform the Palestinian Authority and turn it from being an obstacle to peace into a vehicle that promotes a future of peace, prosperity, and hope for both Israelis and Palestinians.

IPAAR Critical Research-Based Analysis

JCPA, Amb. Freddy Eytan

Recognition of a Palestinian State Will Be a Victory for Iran and a Reward for Islamist Terrorism

At a time when the Jewish State is waging a tough battle against Islamist Hamas and defending itself alone against threats of war from Iran, voices are being raised in Europe for the official recognition of a Palestinian state.
Yoni Ben Menachem, JCPA

The Vision of the New Palestinian Prime Minister, Muhammad Moustafa

The new Palestinian prime minister presented the vision of a “Revitalized PA” that will be established. Still, there is no word in his vision about the war on terror, stopping the payment of salaries to terrorists, and stopping incitement in the PA’s education system and media.
Dr. Irwin J. Mansdorf, JCPA

The Psychology of Palestinian Distortions and Deceptions

Global opinion has moved from outrage at Hamas on October 7, 2023, to criticism of Israel just months later. How? A Palestinian strategy manipulates perception to distort and present an alternate reality.

The Parallels Between Yahya Sinwar and Yasser Arafat

Two leading figures, Yahya Sinwar and Yasser Arafat, played significant roles in attempting to challenge Israel through acts of terrorism. Despite their efforts, they ultimately failed, leading to significant repercussions for the Palestinian people.
Khaled Abu Toameh

PA and Hamas Vying for Support of Palestinian Clans

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas are competing to win the support of large Palestinian clans in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Khaled Abu Toameh

Disgruntled Palestinian Laborers Turn Against Hamas

Public opinion polls may indicate an increase in Hamas’ popularity among Palestinians in the West Bank after the October 7, 2023, massacre, but a growing number of Palestinians living there have begun speaking out against the Iran-backed Palestinian terror group
Maurice Hirsch

The PA Tries to Fool the World

In the aftermath of the October 7, 2023, massacre, the Palestinian Authority and its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, publicly declared their commitment to reassert control over the Gaza Strip and bolster the standing of the PA.

U.S. Survey: Israel’s Planned Offensive in Rafah, Gaza, and the “Two-State Solution”

The Israel-Gaza War and Its Aftermath: Assessing the Issues
Maurice Hirsch, The Times of Israel

What would a ‘revitalized’ Palestinian Authority be?

Even before reforming its endemic corruption, the PA must stop promoting Jew hatred and accept Israel’s existence
Amb. Alan Baker

Unilateral Recognition of a Palestinian State Will Undermine the Oslo Accords

It is somewhat puzzling why British, American, French, and other leading international politicians, in the midst of the present tragic war to oust the brutal and horrific Hamas terrorist presence from the Gaza Strip, are now finding it propitious and necessary to call for unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood.
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