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In his speech before a joint session of Congress, in Washington on July 19, 2023, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said, “Palestinian terror against Israel or Israelis undermines any possibility for a future of peace between our peoples.... Terror is not a bump in the road. Terror is hatred and bloodshed. It contradicts humanity’s most basic principles of peace.… The younger generation of Israelis and Palestinians deserve better. They are all worthy of a future to look towards, a future of peace and prosperity. A future of hope.” 

The Initiative for Palestinian Authority Accountability and Reform (IPAAR) will strive to influence decision-makers in both Israel and the international community to hold the Palestinian Authority to account for its continuous, systematic, and fundamental breaches of the internationally witnessed and guaranteed Oslo Accords. 

IPAAR will focus on both the Palestinian Authority’s malfeasance towards Israel and Jews, including, inter alia, terror promotion, antisemitism, “Apartheid” propaganda, and international lawfare against the State of Israel, on the one hand, and the widespread corruption and abuse of human rights of the Palestinians by the Palestinian Authority, on the other.

IPAAR will provide an extensive database of information regarding the practices and policies of the Palestinian Authority that undermine the goal of achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians and advocate that both the Israeli and foreign governments hold the PA accountable for these actions.

IPAAR will also provide a critical research-based analysis of the steps needed to reform the Palestinian Authority and turn it from being an obstacle to peace into a vehicle that promotes a future of peace, prosperity, and hope for both Israelis and Palestinians.

IPAAR Critical Research-Based Analysis



Amb. Alan Baker

Palestinian Compliance with the Oslo Accords: A Legal Overview

In approaching the thirtieth anniversary of the Oslo Accords and in light of the unique and complex relationship between the Palestinians and Israel, it is appropriate to reflect on some of the central legal issues concerning validity, accountability, and compliance with the Accords. Such issues enable or impede progress toward achieving the basic aims of the Accords – peaceful and fruitful good-neighborly relations between the Palestinians and Israel through a permanent settlement of the status of the territories and resolution of the major issues between them.
Times of Israel

Ex-Hamas prisoner’s story exposes tough road to peace

Tortured and imprisoned for fostering dialogue and understanding, activist Rami Aman was asked if he'd do it again. 'Absolutely!'
Maurice Hirsch

Israel’s Contribution to the Failure of the Oslo Accords

The agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) were never “Peace Agreements” in the true sense of the word.
Middle East Eye

Palestinian Student Leader Detained by PA after Election

Students condemn Abdul Majeed Hassan's treatment as Birzeit University calls on security forces to end their arrest campaign

The Human Rights of Palestinians Living under Hamas Rule in Gaza

The death on May 1 in an Israeli prison of Khader Adnan, a senior member of the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) organization, has received worldwide coverage in major media outlets, including CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Reuters, and The New York Times.
The Chronicle

Palestinian Human Rights Activist Blasts BDS Supporters at Duke University

Students Supporting Israel hosts activist Bassem Eid, discusses Palestinian leadership, Israel-Palestine conflict
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