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PA Breaches of the Oslo Accords

Don’t buy Rashida Tlaib & Co.’s lie: ‘From the river to the sea’ has always meant erasing Israel


Interpreting 'From the River to the Sea': Controversy Over Palestine's Fate and Israel's Existence

The article discusses the controversial chant "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" and its implications regarding Israel's existence. It traces the origins of the chant and its association with rejecting Jewish control in the region. Despite attempts to reinterpret it as a call for coexistence, historical context suggests otherwise. The debate over its meaning reflects broader tensions, with some considering it antisemitic. Hamas's actions underscore the chant's significance, raising concerns about its impact on university campuses and beyond.


The Palestinian Plan For 'The Day After' In Gaza: To Kill More Jews And Destroy Israel

The UN Is Against Peace?

Anti-Israel Terrorism from the Palestinian Authority

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