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Hey Norway, Ireland and Spain! This is the “Palestine” PA/Fatah say you recognized!


Following Norway, Ireland, and Spain’s recognition of a Palestinian state last week, PA Chairman Abbas’ Fatah Movement published the above cartoon. It shows exactly what “Palestine” the PA and Fatah say, the European countries endorsed.

The article by PMW critiques Norway, Ireland, and Spain for recognizing a Palestinian state. It references a cartoon posted by Fatah, which illustrates “Palestine” replacing the entire State of Israel and the PA areas. The map in the cartoon is formed by three arms painted in the colors of the flags of these European countries, symbolizing their support for Palestine.

The article highlights that Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA and Fatah convey to their own people that Israel has no right to exist and their goal is to establish a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.” The article argues that Norway, Ireland, and Spain either failed to investigate what the PA means by a “Palestinian state” or they support this ideology. It criticizes these countries as either diplomatically negligent or ideologically aligned with groups opposed to Israel’s existence, similar to state sponsors of terrorism like Iran.


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