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On Memorial Day, A Look At Pro-Palestinian Protestors' Desecration Of U.S. War Memorials And Monuments Since October 7

Memri TV

On Monday, May 27, Americans will observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries and memorials to remember those who fell in service to the country. America's fallen heroes are honored with flags placed by the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment at every single service member's grave at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, at other national cemeteries, and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The article from MEMRI discusses the desecration of U.S. war memorials and monuments by pro-Palestinian protesters since October 7. These acts include graffiti, flag burnings, and defacement of monuments, often replacing American flags with Palestinian ones. Such protests, while protected under the First Amendment, have drawn strong condemnation from veterans and patriotic groups. The incidents highlight a broader trend of anti-American sentiment intertwined with pro-Palestinian activism, supported by extremist organizations and amplified by social media.

For more details, visit the MEMRI report.


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