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PA Breaches of the Oslo Accords

Special Report: The science of PA rejectionism


The Palestinian Arabs’ “essential principle” in 1947 of rejecting “Jewish sovereignty” in any part of the land was adopted in 1965 as the core ideology of the PLO. It was reconfirmed in 1988 as the endgame of the PLO’s program to destroy Israel in stages, and it continues today as key to the doctrine of the Palestinian Authority.

This article discusses the concept of PA rejectionism, which is the Palestinian Authority's refusal to recognize Israel's existence and right to sovereignty over any part of Palestine. This ideology has been present since 1947 and is regularly reinforced through official statements, education, and media in the PA. The PA denies Israel's history and right to exist, portraying it as a colonial implant with the intention of solving the Jewish problem by creating a place to "dump" them. This belief is fueled by a perceived alliance between world Zionism and colonialist powers who view Israel as a strategic asset.


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