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Young Brother And Nephew Of 'Martyred' Gaza Militant Baraa Al-Zard Pledge To Fight, Become Martyrs Just Like Him; Baraa's Father, Hamas Islamic Scholar Wael Al-Zard: The Younger Generation Will Complete The Path Of Liberation


Gaza Islamic scholar Wael Al-Zard was interviewed on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza) on September 14, 2023 following the "martyrdom" of his son Baraa Al-Zard, who was killed along with four other Gaza militants when an explosive device he was attempting to place along the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel detonated prematurely. Wael Al-Zard said that while his children are "not cheap" in his eyes, "Palestine and Islam are dearer and more important to us than ourselves." Al-Zard said that the younger generation will follow in Baraa's footsteps and will complete the path of liberation. Baraa's younger brother Abdallah and his nephew Muhammad were also interviewed, and they pledged to fight and become martyrs just like him.

Memri TV

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