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How Cairo Is Failing the Palestinians


Global Response to PA Breaches of the Oslo Accords

How Cairo Is Failing the Palestinians

Cairo's policies toward the Palestinians have been counterproductive, failing to address their needs and aspirations. This analysis delves into Egypt's shortcomings and the broader implications for regional stability.

The UN Is Against Peace?

The United Nations' actions and policies often undermine peace efforts, particularly regarding Israel and its security concerns.
Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network Affiliated With U.S.-Designated Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine (PFLP) Funnels Donations Through Non-Profit Organization Based In Tucson, Arizona

Samidoun's Financial Network: Alleged Links to PFLP and Funding Channels through U.S.-Based Non-Profit Organizations

Chinese President Addresses Arab Leaders in Beijing, committing to the Two State Solution

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of deepening cooperation with the Arab world and reiterated China's support for Palestinian statehood during his address to Arab leaders in Beijing on May 30, 2024.

Russian Policies During the Israeli-Hamas War Since October the 7th

During the Israeli-Hamas conflict, Russia maintained neutrality and engaged in diplomacy with both sides, emphasizing de-escalation. This approach aligns with Russia's strategic interests in balancing regional relationships and enhancing its global influence​
Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies

Reforming the Palestinian Authority: An Elusive Task?

Reforming the Palestinian Authority (PA) is a complex and daunting task. Despite international pressure and the urgent need for change, efforts have been hampered by internal corruption, political inertia, and the ongoing Israeli occupation. The PA's legitimacy is severely questioned, and without addressing these deep-seated issues, meaningful reform remains elusive​ (Council on Foreign Relations)​​ (WorldNews)​​ (The Times of Israel)​.
Italian Institute for International Political Studies

Grandstanding to defy Israel

Ersatz recognition of a Palestinian state at war with Israel retards peace.
David M. Weinberg, IDSF, Misgav

The Secret Reason Hamas's Friends - Ireland, Norway, Spain (and Germany) - Are Helping the Palestinians

European Support for Palestinian Statehood: Undermining Peace and Encouraging Terrorism

Biden Admin 'Looks Forward' to Working With Palestinian Authority Despite Security Force Terror Attacks

n the Biden administration's long string of confounding policies and pronouncements regarding Israel as the Jewish state fights to defeat multiple terrorist threats from Iran-backed extremists, there's more reason to wonder how far down the pit of inanity senior officials will go.
Foundation for Defense of Democracies

The 'Palestinian State': Hamas Plays Westerners for Fools - Again

[T]he Iran-backed Hamas terror group is again trying to dupe gullible Westerners, including the Biden administration and the European Union, into believing that it has accepted the "two-state solution."

The UN’s World of the Absurd

Only in the world of the absurd can a despicable purveyor of terror, Hamas, carry out a brutal massacre, killing over a thousand innocent people, torturing, murdering, and carrying out sadistic mass rape, over a space of just a few hours, and then run-away home to Gaza taking with them hundreds of hostages.
Amb. Alan Baker, JCPA

Participants At Columbia University Pro-Palestinian Protest Chant: Oh Al-Qassam Brigades, You Make Us Proud, Kill Another Soldier Now! Israel Will Fall! Palestine Is Arab!

Columbia University students hold a pro-Palestinian protest chanting support for Hamas. Videos posted on social media show chants advocating violence against Israel and asserting Palestinian identity.
Memri TV
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