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How Iran Is Causing Chaos Beyond Just Israel and Palestine

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Global Response to PA Breaches of the Oslo Accords

How Iran Is Causing Chaos Beyond Just Israel and Palestine

Tehran’s ongoing attempts to dominate the “Wider Persian Gulf” are spreading far beyond Gaza.
Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Iran’s Escalation in the West Bank

Iran is increasingly arming Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) militants in the West Bank via Jordan, as part of its larger yearslong effort to build up proxy groups on multiple fronts against Israel.

At Houston, Texas Al-Quds Day Rally Speakers Praise October 7 Hamas Attack, Martyrdom, And Jihad

Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah Highlighted That Martyrdom Is Good, A Goal; Our Leader Khamenei Said That The Cancerous Tumor Of Zionism Will Be Destroyed
Memri TV

Jer Post: Red Cross directly involved in PA ‘Pay for Slay’ policy, Palestinian official admits; ICRC rejects

New Palestinian Media Watch expose quoted PLO Prisoner Affairs Authority chief, who described the Red Cross as “an essential partner in the process that enables payment to imprisoned Palestinians."

Israel Betrayed?

It seems clear that the Biden administration would like to see the rapid creation of a Palestinian state or at least a "Palestinian unity government" -- unfortunately composed of the Palestinian Authority and the terrorist group Hamas -- and, abracadabra, recognize it.

International Law or Antisemitism?

For the past 40 years, the EEC/EU, which wants to get rid of Israel at all costs, has invented a false people, the Palestinians, devoid of national particularisms and history, artificially constructed as a look-alike to Israel, even though they claim to follow the Koran, embody jihad against unbelief and adhere to Nazism.

President Biden’s Middle East Squeeze Play

The end of the Gaza war’s current phase will mark the beginning of a major U.S. diplomatic push that could reshape the Middle East if successful—but the window of opportunity is narrow.
The Washington Institute

Incitement Against Israel In Qatari Press Continues: Only More Attacks Like October 7 Will Restrain It; The Conflict Will End Only With Disappearance Of Israel

While Qatar serves as a mediator in negotiations between Israel and Hamas, the Qatari state press continues to publish incitement against Israel
Memri TV

White House reverses West Bank policy, calling Israeli settlements illegal

The decision was in response to reports that the far-right government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was planning further settlement expansion, an official said
The Washington Post

Arab States Are Giving Palestinians the Cold Shoulder. Here’s Why.

Former U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker on why Arab states won’t accept Palestinians fleeing war.

Pro-Palestine protesters let off flares and shut down Tower Bridge as officers rush to scene

Pro-Palestine protesters have let off flares and shut down Tower Bridge as part of their latest demonstration calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.
The London Press

The World’s Moral Authorities on Israel

The Palestinian Authority, Qatar and Brazil’s Lula give Hamas a pass.
The Wall Street Journal
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