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Report: Israel must stop the Red Cross from providing “economic incentive for terrorist activity”


Israels' Response to PA Breaches of the Oslo Accords

Report: Israel must stop the Red Cross from providing “economic incentive for terrorist activity”

The International Committee of the Red Cross has been complicit in the facilitation of rewards to imprisoned Palestinian terrorists. In so doing, they play a central role in providing “economic incentive for terrorist activity,” as defined in Israeli law.

Israel agrees to finally release American flour shipment for Gaza, says US official

Aid delivery expected to be distributed by World Food Program instead of UNRWA, after Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich blocked its transfer for more than a month
The Times of Israel

IDF eliminates terrorist in Jenin en route to commit terror attack

The terrorist, identified as Yasser Hanoun, was on his way to commit a shooting attack.
The Jerusalem Post

Ending standoff, Norway accepts Israeli framework for transferring tax revenues to PA

Scheme will give Smotrich control over when a quarter of the funds are released by Oslo to Ramallah, but sides appear to have heeded pressure from US, which feared PA’s collapse
Times of Israel

War now, peace later:' Benny Gantz nixes Palestinian state talks

“War now, peace later,” Gantz said, as he stressed the importance of eliminating the terror group after close to two decades in which Israel tried every option to contain it.
Jerusalem Post

“Israeli researcher to British Parliament members: ‘The Palestinian Authority is involved in terror’”

Israeli researcher to British Parliament members: ‘The Palestinian Authority is involved in terror’
Israel Today, PMW

Netanyahu: Israel Rejects International Diktats on Final-status Solution With the Palestinians

In response to reports in WaPo regarding a plan to implement the two-state solution, Israel's PM says unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state would be a 'huge prize for terror'

The US peace plan's dangerous implications

The plan not only ensures the survival of Hamas and preserves its remaining military, organizational, and governmental capabilities; it will also allow the organization to claim the title of having delivered to the PA and the Palestinian people, through the barbaric massacre and war crimes it committed, the highest political achievement in its history.
Israel Today

UN special rapporteur for Palestinians banned from Israel after appearing to justify Oct. 7 massacre

After the UN special rapporteur for the Palestinians appeared to justify Hamas’s October 7 massacre, the foreign and interior ministries announce that Francesca Albanese will not be allowed into Israel.
Times of Israel

Israel Bans UN official for endorsing Palestinian Terror

Read full article in the following link

Directly beneath UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters, IDF uncovers top secret Hamas data center

Subterranean facility for terror group’s intelligence needs, beneath UN complex in upscale Rimal neighborhood, discovered after interrogations of Palestinian prisoners
Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

Israel arrests Palestinian-American woman in the West Bank

The State Department stated it was investigating the arrest of Samaher Esmail, while her congressman from Louisiana promised to look into the circumstances surrounding it
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