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Palestinian Authority will pay more to today’s Martyr for slaying than it will to October 7 terrorists


Breaches by the PA of the Oslo Accords

Palestinian Authority will pay more to today’s Martyr for slaying than it will to October 7 terrorists

The article explores how the Palestinian Authority honors terrorists, detailing the celebration of the terrorist behind the 1978 Coastal Road massacre. It highlights the PA's glorification of violence, undermining peace efforts.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free; Fatah: “It’s either me or him on this land”

The Palestinian Authority official praised the PLO's alleged role in protecting Jews during the Holocaust, citing their moral commitment, while underscoring Palestinian contributions to historical events.

Does the Palestinian Leadership Represent All Palestinians?

This article examines whether the Palestinian leadership genuinely represents the diverse interests and voices of all Palestinians, highlighting internal divisions and varying perspectives within the Palestinian community.

Palestinianism and the Red-Green Alliance: Similarities in the Ideology and Practice of Marxists and Islamists

The article "Palestinianism and the Red-Green Alliance" explores the ideological and political collaboration between left-wing and Islamist movements, analyzing its impact on the Palestinian cause and international relations.

PA salary crisis: How bad is it and who is to blame?

Discover how Mahmoud Abbas, head of the PLO, celebrates the terror attacks of 1974 as a "heroic operation" against Israel, glorifying past violence in contemporary Palestinian rhetoric.

PA: An Arab who supports Israel has a “mental disorder”; a Jew who hates Israel represents truth

The Palestinian Authority commemorated the 10th anniversary of Israel's 2014 Gaza conflict with a book celebrating the "martyrdom" of terrorists, highlighting ongoing glorification of violence and anti-Israel sentiment.

The Palestinian Plan For 'The Day After' In Gaza: To Kill More Jews And Destroy Israel

Hamas's plan for Gaza focuses on perpetuating violence and the destruction of Israel instead of rebuilding. The article highlights the support for these goals among Palestinians and critiques the Biden administration's misunderstanding of Hamas's true objectives. It suggests that Hamas aims to maintain its militant resistance, rejecting peace efforts and seeking to destroy Israel.

Anti-Israel Terrorism from the Palestinian Authority

In 2023, anti-Israel terrorism from the Palestinian Authority saw a disturbing rise, characterized by numerous attacks and escalating violence. This comprehensive report delves into the tactics, incidents, and impacts of these terror activities.
The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC)

PA wants “new world order” of “Islamic world, Russia and China” to “realize justice”

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is advocating for a new multipolar world order comprising the Islamic world, Russia, and China.

PA’s ruling party continues to celebrate and justify October 7

The ruling party of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Fatah, continues to openly celebrate and justify the October 7 attacks perpetrated by Hamas.

Brainwashed by Gaza: Arab kids cheer Hamas, call for Martyrdom and Israel's destruction

In a stark depiction of the indoctrination of Palestinian children, a new report highlights how young minds in Gaza and abroad are being groomed to embrace martyrdom and violence against Israel.

Israel Gave Work Permits, While Palestinians Planned Oct. 7 Massacre

On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched a devastating attack on Israel, despite the Israeli government having issued work permits to thousands of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. These permits were part of efforts to improve economic conditions for Palestinians. However, evidence suggests some workers used their access to gather intelligence for the attack.
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