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PA Breaches of the Oslo Accords

“Israeli vampires…drink the blood of Palestinian children” - official PA daily


In an inflammatory opinion piece published by the official PA daily, a columnist revives medieval anti-Semitic blood libels, accusing Israeli leaders of consuming the blood of Palestinian children. The article employs these baseless, provocative claims to incite hatred against Israel, perpetuating dangerous stereotypes and historical falsehoods. This rhetoric underscores the ongoing use of deeply ingrained prejudices within certain media outlets to fuel conflict and enmity.

In an article published by the official Palestinian Authority (PA) daily, the author accuses Israeli leaders of drinking the blood of Palestinian children, reviving medieval blood libel myths. This incendiary claim is part of a broader narrative used to demonize Israel and incite hatred, perpetuating dangerous stereotypes and falsehoods.

The article highlights how such inflammatory rhetoric is still employed to fuel enmity and conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. By spreading these baseless accusations, the PA daily reinforces harmful prejudices and undermines efforts towards peace and mutual understanding.


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