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PA Breaches of the Oslo Accords

Israel Gave Work Permits, While Palestinians Planned Oct. 7 Massacre


On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched a devastating attack on Israel, despite the Israeli government having issued work permits to thousands of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. These permits were part of efforts to improve economic conditions for Palestinians. However, evidence suggests some workers used their access to gather intelligence for the attack.

The article discusses how Israel issued work permits to over 170,000 Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank, providing significant economic benefits. However, the goodwill gesture was exploited by Hamas militants, who used their time in Israel to gather intelligence for the October 7, 2023, attacks. This incident has reinforced the belief that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is driven by a desire to destroy Israel rather than improve living conditions. The aftermath of the attack has led to a suspension of these work permits, further straining Palestinian livelihoods.

For more details, you can read the full article here.


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