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PA Breaches of the Oslo Accords

PA: An Arab who supports Israel has a “mental disorder”; a Jew who hates Israel represents truth


The Palestinian Authority commemorated the 10th anniversary of Israel's 2014 Gaza conflict with a book celebrating the "martyrdom" of terrorists, highlighting ongoing glorification of violence and anti-Israel sentiment.

The main arguments of the article are:

  1. The Palestinian Authority (PA) views Israeli Arabs who support Israel, like Yoseph Haddad, as having a "mental disorder" and "identity crisis," using such claims to discredit their pro-Israel stance.

  2. The PA praises Jews who oppose Zionism, like Sherry Wolf, portraying them as voices for Palestinian freedom and justice, despite their views conflicting with Palestinian societal values.

  3. The article criticizes Wolf for attempting to separate Judaism from Zionism and promoting anti-Israel narratives, calling for improved Jewish/Zionist education to prevent such ideological shifts.


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