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PA Breaches of the Oslo Accords, Israels Response to PA

PA salary crisis: How bad is it and who is to blame?


Discover how Mahmoud Abbas, head of the PLO, celebrates the terror attacks of 1974 as a "heroic operation" against Israel, glorifying past violence in contemporary Palestinian rhetoric.

The main arguments in the article are:

  1. PA Salary Crisis: The Palestinian Authority (PA) has been paying only partial salaries to its civil servants since 2019 while continuing to pay full salaries to terrorists and their families.

  2. Financial Priorities: The PA prioritizes these "Pay-for-Slay" payments over compensating its employees, which has led to financial hardship for civil servants and necessitated them to take loans.

  3. External Financial Impact: International donors, including the EU, have provided financial assistance but have not addressed the PA's continued payments to terrorists, perpetuating the financial crisis.


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