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Palestinian Authority (PA) And Fatah Harshly Criticize Iran: It Is Undermining The PA And The Jordanian Regime Using Its Proxies – Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad And Muslim Brotherhood


The Palestinian Authority (PA) and its ruling party, Fatah, have recently been voicing harsh criticism against Iran, claiming that it is arming Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the West Bank and fostering their terror activity of against the PA with the aim of instigating a military coup and overthrowing the PA authorities.[1] These accusations escalated due to Iran's intensive arming of Palestinian terror organizations in the West Bank, and following armed clashes that took place between the PA's security apparatuses and the Iran-backed Hamas and PIJ organizations.


The Palestinian Authority and Fatah have been criticizing Iran for arming terrorist organizations in the West Bank and instigating violence against the PA in an attempt to overthrow their authority. This criticism has intensified after recent armed clashes between the PA and Iran-backed groups. Fatah officials have accused Iran of using Palestinian factions to fight against the PA, while also attempting to destabilize and overthrow regimes in Jordan and Egypt. The PA's Al-Hayat Al-Jadida newspaper has ridiculed Iran for its failed rocket and drone attack on Israel, calling it an enemy of Arabs and accusing it of forming alliances with the US and Israel. Fatah has pledged to prevent any external intervention in the Palestinians' internal affairs, including from Iran. The PA President Mahmoud Abbas has expressed support for Jordan's King Abdullah II against attempts to harm its security by foreign elements, while some officials explicitly name Iran as the instigator behind these attempts. A columnist in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida accused Iran of using Hamas and PIJ to spark chaos across Arab states, similar to the Arab Spring protests.

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