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How Iran Is Causing Chaos Beyond Just Israel and Palestine

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The mission of the Initiative for Palestinian Authority Accountability and Reform (IPAAR) is to provide all actors who value peace between Israel and the Palestinians with the resources necessary to raise awareness and ensure that the Palestinian Authority is held accountable

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Iran’s Escalation in the West Bank

Iran is increasingly arming Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) militants in the West Bank via Jordan, as part of its larger yearslong effort to build up proxy groups on multiple fronts against Israel.

Defining Jihadism

There is no need, therefore, to abandon the terms jihadism and jihadist out of political correctness or fear of offending Muslims. When appropriately defined, those terms are helpful in grasping the terrorist and insurgent threats and challenges posed by al-Qa'ida, the Islamic State and similar groups -- far more so than khawarij, a term that does not have immediately clear meaning for wider audiences, is historically inaccurate, and sounds like a sneaky effort to cloud a very real threat.